What is Fusion Accounting Hub?

I like the name Fusion Accounting Hub.  I would like it more if it did not cause so much confusion with the E-Business Suite (EBS) Financial Accounting Hub.  So in an effort to clear things up, I’m writing this blog post.

First some history.  When we designed EBS R12 we wanted to have a common accounting engine for all subledgers, so we built Subledger Accounting (SLA).  We also wanted to provide a platform for customers to generate accounting for all their non Oracle Apps transactional systems using a rule based system.  So we created Financial Accounting Hub (FAH) which exposes the SLA rules engine to external systems so you can bring those into EBS and generate the accounting for multiple systems in one place, using standardized, transparent accounting rules.

When we were building Fusion Applications, we wanted to Fuse the market leading Hyperion BI and Financial Reporting features as well as the powerful PeopleSoft Trees* with EBS General Ledger.  We also wanted to provide a way for Peoplesoft, EBS and JDEdwards customers to move to Fusion in an incremental manner, maybe consolidating data from several GL instances into one Fusion system.  The result was Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH).  Oh and we also provided the accounting rules engine for external systems in the Fusion Accounting Hub.

So we ended up with the same ‘Accounting Hub’ name for the Fusion product when it really offers a whole lot more and different options, you can pick and choose what you take advantage of.

So in summary:

  • E-Business Suite Financial Accounting Hub – An accounting integration platform
  • Fusion Accounting Hub – A BI, reporting and consolidation Platform and an Accounting Integration platform

The other great thing about Fusion Accounting Hub is it is a a great way to incrementally move all your financials into Fusion, but that is a topic for another post…

I hope this clarifies, rather than confuses things, but please let me know your questions in the comments section below.

*Actually there are other Peoplesoft features we include, not least of all automatic balancing across multiple chart of account segments.

14 Responses

  1. Yet another great article! David keep them coming, it was a pleasure speaking to you at OOW13, speak to you soon!


  2. Good article, well written thank you for sharing!


  3. […] how Oracle implemented Fusion Accounting Hub Coexisting with it’s R12 EBS Financials and transitioned to a new single Global Chart of […]


  4. […] the talk of Las Vegas earlier this year at Collaborate.  I have explained the difference between Fusion Accounting Hub and Financial Accounting Hub before, but now we have the Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service.  I’ll be talking about […]


  5. Hi David, thanks for the post. Just to let you know, there is a blatent rip-off of this blog posting here:


    not sure if you’re bothered or not!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is irritating, but it is not the first time my blog posts and conference presentations have been ripped off. My goal is to get information out to people, so if people replicate these posts helps that, so I guess it is ok.


  6. Hi David, a really useful post to explain the difference in the two FAH applications. One question if I may; is Fusion Accounting Hub available as a Cloud app or is it Fusion GL which sits on the Cloud with the hub being on premise?

    I could not work this out from the Oracle site. We are looking to migrate from JDE.

    A response will be greatly appreciated. Richard in the UK.


    • Some of the features of Fusion Accounting Hub are available as a cloud service today and some are on the roadmap and will be coming soon.
      The BI, reporting and consolidation Platform is available with out of the box integration for E-Business Suite today. See my post on Fusion Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service for details – https://davidhaimes.wordpress.com/2014/10/09/accounting-hub-reporting-cloud-service/

      The Accounting Integration platform is not available as a cloud service today, but it is on the roadmap so stay tuned to cloud.oracle.com for when it is available and more details..


      • Many thanks for the reply – most helpful. Our local Oracle reps have not mentioned the existence of Fusion Accounting Hub only the Financial Accounting Hub, in any regards I hope we will soon be starting our cloud journey.


  7. Do we have the SLA capability for 3rd party system on Cloud now? If not, any tentative release for the same?


  8. HI David,

    Thanks for providing the details!

    I’ve a couple of questions for bringing data from non-Oracle system:

    1. I assume I need to push subledger data from 3rd party system to Oracle Fusion Subledger Accounting; post that, Fusion Accounting Hub will process Journals, Balances etc. Is my understanding correct?
    2. It seems I can’t drill-down to 3rd party transactions. Is it true?



    • Fusion Accounting Hub is not available for Cloud yet, so you need to bring third party data in via the GL interface which will then create journals, balances etc. However you cannot then drilldown to your third party system.


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