Advanced Global Intercompany (AGIS) takes on it’s own sound

At the moment I am talking a lot about AGIS with customers,
users and consultants. It seems it’s being used a lot and I have
had a few people asking me if I know any consultants experienced in
it because they have are struggling to fine experts to implement
it. What is interesting is how everyone pronounces it, “a-jis”
rather than how we always pronounced it in product development was
spelling out the letters AGIS or frankly we just call it
Intercompany. Just goes to show once things are out in the world,
they take on their own life and identity.

16 Responses

  1. Is it mandatory to define the intercompany segment for AGIS?


  2. Hi,
    AGIS can be apply for different ledger and different legal entity?


  3. Do you have a BR100 for AGIS?


  4. Hi David,

    I following your posts for a long time..I had a chance to implement AGIS in multiple times. Next time, you may refer me as AGIS and SLA expert.


  5. Hi David,

    Love your posts. Many go back years and are still very relevant. I am surely not as seasoned in AGIS (In the States we often refer to it as a-jis) as yourself but I am fully capable of consulting on the tool and if a receive an inquiry for an expert be sure to reach out..


  6. Hi David,

    I saw in the AGIS setup that the customers can keep there own AGIS calendars as well. But could not find any document or any clue in meta link as well.

    But we able to attach the GL Calendar to AGIS and is this the functionality addressing through creating AGIS calendars or can we create another one without using the same thing in GL?

    Thanks / Lathika


    • The Calendar is defined in the GL Calendar UI, but AGIS will let you use any Calendar, regardless if it is used or not in GL anywhere. So you can create a new Calendar in teh GL Calendars form and then use it for AGIS and nothing else if you desire.


  7. Is AGIS available in ERP Finance cloud?


    • Hi Nadim,

      In the Financials Cloud, we do have Intercompany functionality equivalent to AGIS, but we do not use the AGIS name, we just refer to it as Intercompany. We introduce some new features and improvements too of course.

      Any particular feature you are interested in?



  8. Hi David,

    Please let me know what you think of an article I wrote on some of the limitations of AGIS that several of my clients have faced,

    Also, I was hoping Fusion Financials would add some more functionality to AGIS, but looks like it is the same as R12. Any plans for enhancements soon?


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  9. I am new to AGIS, can someone point me in the direction of a good overview and of course mapping documents?


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