Using BIP for Interactive Reconciliation Reports

Written by Bidisha Silveira

I’m going to give a little more detail on how the Interactive Financial reports David described here were put together. In 4 simple steps (with pictures!)

Step 1:

The Reconciliation Data Extract background program is submitted which collects all the data and generates an xml file

Step 2:

To view the reconciliation data we use a page built in OAFramework. The BI Publisher region to view the formatted report is embedded in this page.

When you click submit the xml file generated from Step 1 along with details of the layout template and the type of output required (eg Excel or html or pdf) is passed to the BI Publisher engine. The BI Publisher engine processes this information and displays the formatted output on the current page.

Recon 1

Now you are ready to go. The first report displays the summary of the Payables and Continue reading “Using BIP for Interactive Reconciliation Reports”