Ora-Click is like Digg but better

I’m not a fan of digg, just doesn’t do anything for me, but Matt Topper has created something which I like the look of. Ora-Click is like a digg but specific to Oracle articles and has nice Oracle related categories that should help me get to aritcles in my interest areas fast. Check it out and see what you think. I like the bury option, I can vote for a feature or vote to bury it, so if you don’t like my ora-tag 8 things post, you have a chance to make your opinion count – it also felt good to bury a recruitment link on there.

I would add the buttons to my blog articles so you could vote for them right off my blog, but javascript is ot permitted on wordpress.com blogs :( One day I might get my own domain and spruce up the blog, but I’m struggling to find enough time to write content at the moment, I need to get my financials related articles written as my first priority – content is king.

While I am plugging useful resources Oracle Mix has a lot of new updates since I mentioned it last, with more to come soon. Check out the Intercompay group there and feel free to connect with me.