Blockchain Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld

Blockchain Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld

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Next week is Oracle OpenWorld our annual conference that will take over San Francisco.  The past few years I have presented a session about Blockchain, but this year I will be presenting Oracle Financials Overview, Strategy and Roadmap
(Wednesday 11:15 AM | Moscone West Room 2006/2008 ) instead.

However there is no need to fear, there are plenty of other sessions to choose form if you are interested in Blockchain, I listed all of them below

  • An Enterprise Digital Transformation Playbook Using IoT, Blockchain, and AI [PRO5788]


    Jai Suri, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle

    Bhagat Nainani, Group Vice President, Oracle

    Jeff Blattner, Director of IT, Titan International

    • SCHEDULEMonday, September 16, 12:15 PM – 01:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 2012
  • Best Practices for Developing Advanced Blockchain Solutions [TIP3492]


    Deepak Goel, Senior Director, Software Development, Oracle

    Todd Little, Architect, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEThursday, September 19, 01:15 PM – 02:00 PM | Moscone South – Room 210
  • Blockchain and End-to-End Audit Trail Validation with 360kompany [BUS1653]


    Peter Bainbridge-Clayton, CTO, 360kompany AG

    Russell Perry, CEO, kompany (360kompany AG)

    • SCHEDULEMonday, September 16, 02:45 PM – 03:30 PM | Moscone West – Room 3020B
  • Bridge Physical and Digital Retailing with 3D Blockchain [BUS6083]


    Mario Vollbracht, Global Director, Consumer Markets, ISG, Oracle

    Dinesh Dhamija, President & CTO, Smartrac

    • SCHEDULEWednesday, September 18, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM | Moscone West – Room 3012
  • Containing the Opioid Crisis with Oracle Cloud [CON3379]


    Maharshi Desai, Cloud Solution Hub Senior Manager, Oracle

    Bob Nevins, Director of Health and Human Services Strategy, Oracle

    • SCHEDULETuesday, September 17, 12:30 PM – 01:15 PM | Moscone South – Room 156B
  • Creating Trusted Supply Chain Networks with Oracle Blockchain Platform [HOL5995]


    Deepak Goel, Senior Director, Software Development, Oracle

    Todd Little, Architect, Oracle

    Jared Li, Sr Director Software Development, Oracle

    Brijesh Deo, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

    Bala Vellanki, Product Management, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEMonday, September 16, 02:30 PM – 03:30 PM | Moscone West – Room 3019
    • SCHEDULEThursday, September 19, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM | Moscone West – Room 3019
  • Cutting-Edge New Tech in Oracle Database: Microservices, Blockchain, Streaming [CON4669]


    Wei Hu, Senior Vice President, High Availability & Emerging Technologies, Oracle

    • SCHEDULETuesday, September 17, 05:15 PM – 06:00 PM | Moscone South – Room 155D
  • Enterprise Blockchain Is Real: Production Apps on Oracle Blockchain Platform [BUS3490]


    umberto arrighini, CIO, fabbrica d’Armi p. Beretta spa

    Zhu Kuang Lee, Standard Chartered Bank

    Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEThursday, September 19, 12:15 PM – 01:00 PM | Moscone South – Room 152B
  • Exploit Technology Innovations Today with Smarter Enterprise Applications [PRO5699]


    Simon Nicholson, Oracle

    Krishnan Rajan, GVP, Oracle

    Eric Rogge, Product Management, Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEThursday, September 19, 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM | Moscone West – Room 2006/2008
  • Extend Oracle SaaS and Design New Experiences with Intelligent Automation [GEN6040]


    Antonia Casamassima, Chief Information Officer, Ferrari S.p.A.

    Salvatore Ancoretti, Head of Customer Marketing, Ferrari spa

    Suhas Uliyar, Vice President, Product Management, Digital Assistant/AI & Integration, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEWednesday, September 18, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM | Moscone South – Room 207/208
  • How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Networks [CON5793]


    Michael Richter, Director Product Marketing, Emerging Technologies, Oracle

    Prasen Palvankar, Senior Director Product Management, Oracle

    Rajan Kashyap, Head of Solutions and Blockchain Center of Excellence, Birlasoft

    • SCHEDULETuesday, September 17, 04:15 PM – 05:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 2009C
  • How Retailers and Brands Can Take Advantage of Blockchain [CON6098]


    Gerald Poncet, Senior Director, Consumer Markets, Oracle Industry Solutions Group, Oracle

    Nikhil Vadgama, Deputy Director, University College London

    • SCHEDULEWednesday, September 18, 04:45 PM – 05:30 PM | Moscone West – Room 3012
  • Industry 4.0–Based Smart Factory in Action [THT5391]


    Sheetal Prasad, Chief Enterprise Architect, Senior Practice Director, Oracle

    Hemanth Gujjola, Technical Manager, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEMonday, September 16, 02:45 PM – 03:05 PM | The Exchange (Moscone South) – Theater 2
    • SCHEDULEWednesday, September 18, 03:30 PM – 03:50 PM | The Exchange (Moscone South) – Theater 1
  • Making Blockchain a Reality for Retailers and Brands [PAN6099]


    Gerald Poncet, Senior Director, Consumer Markets, Oracle Industry Solutions Group, Oracle

    Lukas Puender, Co-Founder, retraced GmbH

    Nikhil Vadgama, Deputy Director, University College London

    Vojko Kercan, Managing Director, Dhimahi d.o.o.

    • SCHEDULEWednesday, September 18, 09:00 AM – 09:45 AM | Moscone West – Room 3012
  • Modernizing Intercompany Billing Using a Permissioned Blockchain Platform [PAN6441]


    Gary Crisci, Principle Architect, General Electric

    Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEWednesday, September 18, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM | Moscone South – Room 209
  • Optimize Your Supply Chain Performance with Oracle SCM Cloud [CON4933]


    Rahul Asthana, Senior Director, SCM Product Marketing, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEThursday, September 19, 09:00 AM – 09:45 AM | Moscone West – Room 2011A
  • Oracle Blockchain: Helping Reduce Carbon Emissions and Find the Tastiest Steak [CAS1787]


    Karl O’ Connell, CIO, I.C.B.F.

    • SCHEDULEWednesday, September 18, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM | Moscone South – Room 152B
  • Oracle Blockchain Platform Integration with OAuth 2.0 [TRN5099]


    Tapas Pramanik, Principal Technical Support Engineer, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEThursday, September 19, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 3003
  • Oracle Cloud: The Next Big Things [GEN3248]


    Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO, Circulor

    Ashish Mohindroo, Vice President, Oracle Cloud, Oracle

    Diego Netto, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Booster

    • JOIN WAITLISTTuesday, September 17, 12:30 PM – 01:15 PM | Moscone South – Room 207/208
  • Payment Modernization with Open and Agile Frameworks [BUS6281]


    Karthick Prasad, Vice President, FSGBU, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEWednesday, September 18, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM | Moscone West – Room 3004
  • Revolutionizing Finance and Supply Chain Powered by Blockchain [CON6588]


    SHAGUN GOYAL, Oracle Digital Finance and Blockchain Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Richard Pumphret, Finance & Enterprise Performance Blockchain Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    • SCHEDULEMonday, September 16, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 2011B
  • The State of Analytics and Machine Learning [CON5884]


    Shyam Varan Nath, Director IoT & Cloud, BIWA User Group

    Dan Vlamis, CEO – President, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.

    • SCHEDULEMonday, September 16, 12:15 PM – 01:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 3016
  • Transformative Potential of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Payer [CON6175]


    Srini Venkatasanthanam, Vice President, Oracle Health Insurance, Oracle

    Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management, Oracle

    • SCHEDULETuesday, September 17, 04:15 PM – 05:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 3004
  • Trust and Visibility in Business Networks Using Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace [PRO5794]


    Michael Richter, Director Product Marketing, Emerging Technologies, Oracle

    Prasen Palvankar, Senior Director Product Management, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEThursday, September 19, 01:15 PM – 02:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 2000
  • Using Oracle Blockchain to Prove the Ethical Sourcing of Conflict Minerals [CAS2567]


    Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO, Circulor

    • SCHEDULETuesday, September 17, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 3007A
  • Using Process Automation and Integration to Manage Blockchain and B2B Transactions [PAN5844]


    Nathan Angstadt, Director Product Management, Oracle

    DIBYA MOHAPATRA, Technical Manager, Avaya Inc.

    Michael Meiner, Director, Product Management, Oracle

    • SCHEDULEThursday, September 19, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM | Moscone South – Room 210
  • What’s New in Oracle Blockchain Platform [PRO3489]


    Deepak Goel, Senior Director, Software Development, Oracle

    Gary Crisci, Principle Architect, General Electric

    Frank Xiong, GVP, Oracle

    • SCHEDULETuesday, September 17, 12:30 PM – 01:15 PM | Moscone South – Room 213


Oracle OpenWorld 2016 My Cloud ERP Sessions

Where to find me and information on Cloud ERP, Accounting Hub and E-Business Suite at Oracle OpenWorld this month.

  • oow-logo-2015

    OpenWorld is this month, so time to start planning your agenda.  I’ll be presenting at a few different sessions this year with a focus on Financials Cloud (Part of the ERP Cloud) and E-Business Suite.

    I’m busy preparing for the first two sessions, hope to see you there.  Check out the content catalog for more details and to add them to your agenda.

    How Oracle E-Business Suite Customers Have Achieved Modern Reporting in the Cloud [CON7313]

    David Haimes, Senior Director, Financial Applciations Development, Oracle
    Sara Mannur, Financial Systems Analyst, Niagara Bottling
    This session discusses how to leverage powerful modern reporting tools with no disruption to your existing Oracle E-Business Suite implementation. You will learn the steps required to start using the cloud service. Customers who have implemented Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service share their implementation experiences and the business benefits they have realized.
    Conference Session
    Tuesday, Sep 20, 12:15 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. | Moscone West—3016

    Oracle ERP Cloud UX Extensibility: From Mystery to Magic [CON7312]

    David Haimes, Senior Director, Financial Applciations Development, Oracle
    Tim Dubois, Senior Director, Applications User Experience, Oracle
    The user experience (UX) design strategy of Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud (Oracle ERP Cloud)—including financials and product portfolio management—is about simplicity, mobility, and extensibility. Extensibility and admin personalization of Oracle ERP Cloud experiences include a range of tools, from a simplified approach for rebranding the applications, to match your company culture and image to page-level admin personalization and extension, to building your own simplified cloud application in platform as a service using the UX Rapid Development Kit (RDK). In this session, learn about RDK code samples, wireframing tools, and design patterns. Get a view into the RDK roadmap and where Oracle is going next. .
    Conference Session
    Thursday, Sep 22, 1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. | Moscone West—3001

    Meet the Experts: Oracle Financials Cloud [MTE7784]

    Do not miss this opportunity to meet with Oracle Financials Cloud experts—the people who design and build the applications. In this session, you can have discussions regarding the Oracle Applications Cloud strategy and your specific business and IT strategy. The experts are available to discuss the value of the latest releases and share insights into the best path for your enterprise, so come ready with your questions.
    Meet the Experts Session
    Wednesday, Sep 21, 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. | Moscone West—3001A

Financial Apps Collaborate 16 Sessions

We’re just two days away from the start of Collaborate and there are so many session I want to get to, my focus is on Financial Applications both Cloud and E-Business Suite.  I already listed sessions where you can find me presenting, but here are ones I think will be interesting, I will attend as many as I can

Firstly two cloud customers(Alex Lee and Westmont Hotels) talking about their experiences implementing cloud financials.

Fusion Financials Implementation Customer Success Experience

Monday April 11th 12:45 PM–1:45 PM – South Seas J

Derrick Walters, Corporate Applications Manager at Alex Lee

How Westmont Hospitality Benefited by Leveraging Cloud ERP
3:15 PM–4:15 PMApr 11, 2016 – South Seas I
Sacha Agostini Oracle Functional Consultant at Vigilant Technologies, LLC.

Next some AGIS, Legal Entity and related topics on E-Business suite.  In these areas that have been out for some time, I generally learn something about innovative uses of the products.  Our partners and customers are very smart.

Intracompany, Intercompany, AGIS – Unraveling the Mysteries!
2:15 PM–3:15 PM Apr 10, 2016 – South Seas A
Bharati ManjeshwarMs at Highstreet IT Solutions, LLC

Master Data Series – Legal Entities From 11i thru Cloud
9:15 AM–10:15 AM Apr 12, 2016 – Breakers F
Thomas Simkiss Vice-President of Consulting at Denovo Ventures, LLC

Its Not too Late! How to Replace Your eBTax Solution After You Have Upgraded
10:30 AM–11:30 AM Apr 11, 2016 – South Seas I
Mr Andrew BohnetDirector ateBiz Answers Ltd

General Ledger and Financial Accounting Hub – A look at a Multi-National Structure
3:30 PM–4:30 PMApr 10, 2016 – Jasmine H
Bharati ManjeshwarMs at Highstreet IT Solutions, LLC

Finally, there are sessions called Power Hours, which are strangely two hours, but i really like the experience last year and based on the fact they are back i assume others did too.  they are not a traditional lecture format, they are more interactive and allow people to discuss their experiences and learn from each other.  If you have not tried one, I highly recommend them.  Here are a couple that jumped out at me
Power Hour – Coexistence – On Premise and Cloud Together and In Harmony
3:15 PM–5:30 PM Apr 11, 2016 – Mandalay Bay C
Mohan Iyer Practice Director at Jade Global, Inc.
Power Hour – eBTax Hacks – Your Questions Answered
9:15 AM–11:45 AM Apr 12, 2016 – Mandalay Bay C
Mr Andrew Bohnet Director at eBiz Answers Ltd
Alexander Fiteni President at Fiteni Enterprises Inc
Dev Singh Manager at KPMG LLP Canada
Power Hour – Master Data Structures in EBS and Cloud
12:45 PM–3:00 PM Apr 11, 2016 – Mandalay Bay C
Mohan Iyer Practice Director at Jade Global, Inc.

Collaborate 14 Paper: Balancing by 2 Segments

It is a very common requirement to automatically balance by two different segments of the chart of accounts, typically the Legal Entity and some sort of Management Entity (department, line of business, cost center, etc).  Fusion financials allows you to balance by up to three segments, which is always a well received feature.  However at Collaborate you can learn how one company built a custom to do this in EBusiness Suite.  I’m honored to have been asked to Co-present with GE on this topic, they have done some really good work here and I’m sure it will be of great interest to others too.  So come along and join us, you’ll get the specifics of what they did, the details are below:

Session ID: 13941
When: 10 Apr 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Level 1, Marco Polo – 801
Speakers: Sangeeta Sameer, General Electric (GE),  David Haimes, Oracle Corporation
Abstract: This paper describes the Custom solution that General Electric (GE) implemented in collaboration with Oracle to achieve Balancing by 2 segments in Release 12.1.3 of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). GE has the business need to Balance by both the Legal Entity (LE) and Management Entity (ME) segments in the Chart of Accounts. While Fusion Applications allow Balancing by 3 segments, Oracle EBS Applications do not have this Functionality. This paper covers the requirements and solution in detail for 2 Segment Balancing.

Oracle Ebusiness Suite Financials Books

I am often asked what book to read to learn Oracle Financials, there is no simple answer here.  If you get the concepts right everything else will drop into place much more easily than getting overwhelmed with specific details of how to configure every single feature click by click or what every single UI does in detail.  I have listed some of the books available below.  I have given some commentary, but I advise going to amazon and checking out the reviews there or looking in the comments of this post where I hope you will all share your thoughts on the ones you have read.

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook, Third Edition

I have the first edition of this book, it is very readable and goes over the concepts and major features of all the products in financials, a good starting point if you are new to financials.  It discusses how you would run an implementation project and does not concern itself with step by step guidance on how to set up specific features.  It’s a good book and well researched.

I have not read the third edition in detail yet, anyone who has please feel free to post comments on this post.

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials R12: A Functionality Guide

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials R12

Full disclosure on this one.  Firstly I was given this book free by the publishers to review, secondly I know the author Mohan Iyer, who is chair of the OAUG GL Special Interest Group.

This book is not going to make you an expert in Oracle Financials and ready to get started on a major implementation right away, it does not get into the detailed steps of how to configure all the modules and features. It simply introduces the modules in a way that a business user can understand, diving into a little more detail in some places. I think it is intended to be a guide for a business user considering or already starting an implementation, so they can understand some of the options and choices available and I feel it mostly meets that goal well.

The Oracle General Ledger guide

I purchased this book and I’ve read most of it. It seems to be very comprehensive and accurate on the details but is not adding the value I’d hope for over and above the online help or product documentation.  I would have liked it to see some more concise overviews of features and business cases for using certain implementation choices over others.  That said I’m thrilled to a book on GL and am sure many people will find it useful.

Oracle E-Business Suite Development & Extensibility Guide

Not had a chance to read this one, but it contains information that many, many people will care a lot about.  Let me know if you have read it.

Shining a Light on the Release 12 World

The Solution Beacon crew have produced a number of good publications and have a lot of experience, they focus on what is new in R12 and what is in it for you.  It comes with a recommendation from Floyd Teter, who is a respected friend of this blog.  I have not read this one myself.

If you have any of these books, or maybe you are one of the authors of these books please share your thoughts with the community in the comments section.

Socializing the Finance Department

I have been doing a presentation called ‘Socializing  the Finance Department‘ within Oracle and to our customers and partners for over a year.  It is a way to explain the business benefit of Oracle Social Network being part of the applications platform in our ERP Cloud service and I am finally getting ready to start blogging on this, it will probably be a theme I focus on quite a lot, because it is such a game changer in the way people use ERP applications and get their job done.

In this first post I want to set out by what we mean by social in this context.  We do not mean sharing details of our business process on twitter, or sharing pictures of our babies on facebook.  We do not mean more office parties or chatting about football around the water cooler.  We do mean collaborating with the right people, wherever they, are in the context of my transaction to complete my job.  We do mean having real time visibility into the collaboration happening to complete a business process.  We do mean have an audit trail of the conversations, supporting documents and decision making process that supported transactions in our system, right there embedded as part of the transaction or business process.

In my experience, all of the above benefits tend to resonate very well with customers and they want to see more.  Below is a screen shot from the desktop Oracle Social Network showing the period close process, it should give you an idea of what is to come.

OSN Period Close

Now the pressure is on me to get more blog posts out on this topic.  Comments welcome below…

Changing the Legal Entity to Balancing Segment Assignement

In the R12 Accounting Setup Manager, you can assign Balancing segment values (aka BSV, Company Codes) to Legal Entities, that’s nothing new for me to blog about.  However a few times in the last month or two I have been asked a question along the lines of

“We are doing a re-org or have created a new LE and now we want to reassign an existing BSV to the new LE, how do we do that?”

My reply is

“I don’t think you really want to do that”

The reason why is because moving ownership of assets and liabilities from one Legal Entity to another is an Intercompany Sale, it has to be done correctly and any taxes due etc must be paid.  Also you need to keep all the history of the activity the old legal entity did and report on that and have it available for audit.  Also you probably want to deal with all the open transactions against the old LE in one way and just start recording new transactions against the new LE.  A good option is to create a new balancing segment value and assign that to the new LE.

There is one situation where I am ok with people wanting to change the assignment, that is when it was a mistake during implementation and you have not entered any transactions against it yet.  That is essentially a data fix.

Fusion Financials in 2D

I was asked by a customer for some links to send to their users to give them a taste of the powerful reporting features in Fusion Financials.  That gave me the idea to post a few videos here, because Fusion Financials looks so good it is better to see it than for me to explain it to you.

First you should check out the Fusion Financials YouTube channel, which has some nice demos with voice over by my former boss and now strategy director Zoe Read.  I have embedded my personal favorite below

Then there is a two minute overview of Financials on that really only scratches the surface but captures the essence of why the reporting is so compelling very well.

If you have questions after that, feel free to ask them in comments section below…

Happy Fusion – Our Time is Now

robot clockWhilst I was visiting the Oracle offices in Hyderabad recently, the Fusion development team gave me the gift in this photo and that’s what prompted this post. Fusion has, and continues to be, an incredible journey. Building a full suite of enterprise applications from the ground up is certainly a challenge, but the learning from the continual customer interactions and the amazing people and products from the many companies that have joined Oracle during the acquisitions, has been an immensely rewarding and enjoyable and enriching experience. One thing that has been a little frustrating is that I was not able to blog in detail about Fusion while it was not released, but as it is now generally available, the time is now. The Oracle Applications Blog has relaunched recently and we’ll see a lot more content there, I saw a really nice paper by infosys on Fusion Financials and Joe (my former boss and now much respected colleague in the strategy team) has been active on the Fusion Financials strategy team blog and now I am ready to get my opinions and interpretation on things out there. This is a very exciting time for me, because I believe the team has done a phenomenal job of building Fusion Applications.

So over the next weeks and months I hope to bring you some interesting Fusion Applications posts and I will continue to mix in Ebusiness Suite and general tech topics as always. You will also see me getting a little more active on twitter again so please follow me there too and let me know what you think and what you would like to here more details about.

EBusiness Suite Legal Entity FAQ

I’ve been preparing these for a presentation at Oracle OpenWorld next week, they were mostly taken from the questions asked by Alyssa Johnson in her comment, but they are very typical questions that I get asked a lot.

What is the difference between the 11i GRE/LE and R12 LE?

  • GRE/LE is upgraded as an LE in R12
  • In 11i GRE/LE was often a dummy LE, not real LE structure and had little use
  • R12 LE has a more robust definition
  • R12 LE is used more by processes and reports across financials

Where does the LE impact R12 processing?

  • Short answer – Tax, Intercompany (AGIS), Global Features

Why should I assign BSVs to my LEs in the Ledger?

  • It is optional, if your BSV is your company code, you have an implied LE there in your GL
  • It helps with some LE derivation for transaction stamping
  • Allows you to run reports by LE
  • May make Intercompany rules easier to define

In 11i, the LE doesn’t really correspond to the true Legal Entities of the Organization (e.g. only one LE is setup even though there are multiple companies). What is going to break in R12 if I leave it that way?

  • Nothing will break if you do nothing and stay with one ‘dummy’ LE
  • You won’t get all the good stuff we talked about earlier

Is there a connection between the LE and the BU?

  • If you map LE to Ledgers / BSV, there is an indirect LE-OU relationship
  • There is a Default Legal Entity for an OU (Default Legal Context) which in some cases(1:1:1) it will be the only LE so it is a direct assingment

If you want to add anything to this, or have more questions then fine the comments section below…