Driving 2.0 – Socializing The Freeway

I drive from San Francisco down the Highway 101 to Oracle HQ everyday (sometimes on a Saturday too), I sometimes see people I know on the freeway, I often see the same cars, I certainly see people do (IMHO) idiotic things and I occasionally see people do (IMHO) courteous and considerate things.

So an idea came to me as I passed the ebay commuter bus the other day. Why can’t I rate the drivers on the freeway just like I rate sellers and buyers on ebay? You cut me up, you get a thumbs down, I see you driving whilst eating a bowl of cereal thumbs down for you, if you let me change lane safely I can give a thumbs up. Sound like fantasy land?  Well it could be easily done, I can see your registration easily enough I snap a picture of Continue reading “Driving 2.0 – Socializing The Freeway”