First Report from Collaborate 11

Last week week I attended Collaborate 11 in Orlando, Florida.  It’s the big Oracle technology and applications user group conference and  I was attending for the first time, invited to speak at the GL Special Interest Group (GL SIG), who go beyond GL and focus on the entire record to report business flow.  I presented at two sessions on the Fusion Apps Record to Report flow and did some demos of Fusion.

I was slightly surprised and mildly embarrassed that several people ‘recognized’ me from this blog, it good to here that people enjoy reading it and more importantly find it a helpful resource.  Many people asked when I would start blogging about Fusion, considering it has been discussed and talked about and shown extensively at Open World last year and again at Collaborate.  The answer is not yet, firstly I think most people are really interested in R12 right now given the number of people recently upgraded, in the process of upgrading or planning for an upgrade, secondly I’m not risking any issues regarding revenue recognition and other problems talking about things which are not released.

I did also attend and speak at some R12 sessions and for the AGIS session run by Alyssa Johnson I somewhat hijacked it during the Q&A but Alyssa did a great job and I’m hoping she will send me the slides.  I was impressed to see the knowledge around on R12 now and there are plenty of consultants with good experience sharing specific examples and giving advice to people who are in the process of upgrading.  This knowledge sharing inspired me to get back on this blog, so I am determined to try and get a few more useful posts out there and start some good conversations in the comments.  So watch this space.

More Information on Fusion Applications

In his opening keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2010, Larry Ellison announced Fusion Applications.  As they are not released I don’t plan on blogging about them yet.   However I will point you to some resources.  On you can go to the Fusion Applications page and it links off to the individual product families.  The Fusion Financials page has a number of resources including a screencast and Podcast, well worth a look.

If you are attending Oracle OpenWorld, there are a number of sessions on Fusion Financials you can attend to learn more.  I listed some relevant to Financials at the end of this post.

You can also find demos in the demogrounds in Moscone South Exhibition Hall in the following locations.

Oracle Fusion Financials Moscone South, S-073 (E-Business Suite)
Oracle Fusion Financials Moscone South, S-113 (PeopleSoft)

General Fusion Apps Sessions

Wednesday September 22, 2010

10:00 am – 11:00 am S318137: Oracle Fusion Applications: Adoption and Deployment Overview
Steve Miranda, Senior VP Oracle
Moscone West L2
Rm 2002/2004
11:30 am – 12:30 pm S318647: Oracle Fusion Applications: An Intro to Oracle Fusion Functional
Setup Manager
Mandar Borkar, Tim Dubois, & Chitra Mitra, Oracle
Moscone West L2
Rm 2016

Thursday September 23, 2010
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm S318276: General Session: Oracle Fusion Applications Overview (REPEAT)
Steve Miranda, SVP Applications Development, Oracle
Moscone West L2
Rm 2002/2004

Financials Specific Sessions

Tuesday September 21, 2010
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm S31830: Oracle Fusion Financials Overview
Rondy Ng & Terrance Wampler, Oracle & Sajit Vijayakumar, Infosys
Moscone West L2
Rm 2002/2004

Wednesday September 22, 2010
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm S318302: Oracle Fusion ERP Applications: Answers to the Top 10 Questions
Rondy Ng & Terrance Wampler, Oracle & Hirak Kayal, Wipro
Moscone West L2
Rm 2002/2004

Thursday September 23, 2010
9:00 am – 10:00 am S318304: Understanding Oracle Fusion Financials for PeopleSoft Customers
Terrance Wampler & Alex Man, Oracle
Moscone West L2
Rm 2005
10:30 am – 11:30 am S318303: Understanding Oracle Fusion Financials for Oracle E-Business Suite
Rondy Ng & Terrance Wampler, Oracle
Moscone West L2
Rm 2005
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm S318301: Oracle Fusion Financials Overview (REPEAT)
Rondy Ng & Terrance Wampler, Oracle & & Sajit Vijayakumar, Infosys
Moscone West L2
Rm 2002/2004

Cool iPhone Expenses Video (and product)

It’s a video for a new Oracle Peoplesoft iPhone App called Oracle iReceipts, the product is cool, but I think the animation is worth watching for it’s own sake – very funny.

I saw this on a Theresa’s excellent Fin Apps blog, which I always read and you should too.  It’s a video for a new Oracle Peoplesoft iPhone  App called Oracle iReceipts, the product is cool, but I think the animation is worth watching for it’s own sake – very funny.

iPhone Apps are all the rage at the moment, but I do feel there are a lot of Apps created just for the sake of it and not well thought out.  Reminds me of the dot com era where all companies were desperate to have a web presence but didn’t necesserily know why they wanted it or what they wanted to get out of it.  That said, managing my expenses with a mobile device, taking pictures of receipts and entering them real time is always going to be a Killer App.

Anyway, enough of me, here’s the video…

My name is David and I used to be a blogger

So many bloggers are blogging less and spending more time pushing out 140 character packets of info on Twitter. I have no problem with Twitter, I blogged about it and hang out there now and then, but for me it is no replacement for blogging. My lack activity here has nothing to do with Twitter as it is for Justin from Oracle tech net (for the record, I think Justin tweets plenty of really good info), my silence is due to two factors.

1. Lack of time – busy job at Oracle, arrival of our 3rd and 4th children, spending summer in Europe, moving house…
2. I can’t discuss my day job – I have the pleasure of managing a development team building truly amazing and ground breaking Fusion products. Downside is we can’t talk much about it yet as it isn’t released.

Regarding the second point, I should still blog about R12, all the reasons I started this blog are still valid, but I find it increasingly hard to switch gears from Fusion to R12 (maybe something to do with age?).

As for lack of time this will always be a problem.  I have tried to respond to comments and keep up reading some of the other great oracle blogs, but only now whilst starting out on a 22 hour flight to India do I feel I have a little time to think about blogging… So when I next get connected I can hit publish and I am a blogger again.

What a difference a year makes

Written by David Haimes

This blog turned one year old this week, so a short review of the year is in order.

I started this blog after Open World 2007, mostly as a way to put answers ‘out there’ to the questions I was being asked multiple times during the conference. I was hoping to do a couple of posts a week and have managed a total of 74, or 1.4 per week, which considering I have got a lot more responsibility at work than 12 months ago I’m pleased with. Most of all I enjoyed the conversations, there have been 400 comments including one from Charles Phillips (indirectly) but I didn’t hear form Larry when I posted a picture of his Yacht which incidentally gave me by far my highest day of hits, the majority coming from Digg.

What has pleasantly surprised me about blogging is how much I have learned in the past year from the comments on the blogs and from following the plethora of other excellent Oracle bloggers that a year ago I didn’t really know existed. I’ve also spent a lot of time on twitter, following a lot of interesting, entertaining, knowledgeable and helpful people many of whom are also bloggers.

So all in all a good first year and now I look forward to the next one and wonder what the stars have in store for me over the next 12 months…

Is cool again?

After last year’s Oracle Open World I asked if Oracle was cool again and that post was picked up by eye on oracle and created quite a bit of debate. Now we are approaching Open World again and I see Oracle has put it’s mix social network front and center taking over the home page with the Oracle Listens campaign. Already @monkchips thinks it’s cool.

Not as cool as google? I don’t want to go there again. In fact there is a huge amount of buzz on twitter from many people, Oracle and non Oracle alike. I like the cynical take by @jknoll

I don’t think Oracle has run out of ideas, I just think they are admitting that customers and partners might have some equally good ideas that we should listen to.

I’m browsing through the ideas and there’s an amount of noise as you might expect, but there seems to be a new idea submitted about every five minutes. That amount of feedback is immense.  Credit to the Oracle marketing team for driving this, I see Justin is answering a lot of the ideas right now and other Oracle folks are jumping in too.  Expect to hear a lot more about this next week.

My opinion is this is a bold move and Oracle has convinced me its cool again this year. Do you agree or think it is just a gimmick? Make your voice heard in the comments.

Got my OOW badge

I collected my badge here at Oracle HQ, so I can avoid the crowds at the Moscone. Now what I don’t have is a ticket to the Party on Wednesday Night, which is held on Treasure Island with UB40, Seal, Elvis Costello and some Country artist who’s name I don’t recall (sorry – but I only dislike two kinds of music; Country and Western). People may not know this, but Oracle employees in general do not get a ticket to the party even if we have DEMOgrounds or Speaker ribbons on our badges. So there’s normally a load of Oracle folks asking customers for and spare tickets. The past few years friends have sorted me out, but this year I have no leads…I will be in the DEMOgrounds Wednesday and Thursday mornings so you can drop by there to chat or contact me if you want to arrange to meet some time.

I plan to do updates via twitter and post here on the blog regularly throughout the conference so stay tuned.

Also check out the official Open World Blog, they’re getting great content on there this year and I’ll be watching that closely.

Financials Sessions at Oracle Open World 2008

A lot of people are asking when various sessions are, readers of this blog are probably interested in Oracle EBS financials, Helle posted on Oracle Mix a couple of useful links. I recommend looking at this pdf which lists all the financials sessions including demogrounds, apps lounges, presentations etc.

My session is listed there, I look forward to seeing some of your there.

Thursday 25th, 3:00 p.m.

Moscone West 2006

Are Intercompany Processing and Reconciliation Currently Pain Points for Your Enterprise?

David Haimes, Oracle; Helle Hennings, Oracle

I blogged last year about the meet the Experts Lounge, well this year it has been renamed to Applications Lounge. I haven’t been asked to attend this year, so if you want to ask me any questions or provide feedback you’ll have to come to the session above, find me at the DEMOgrounds, the Blogger Meetup or follow me in twitter, or use this blog all year round – remember customer interaction is not just for Oracle Open World, it’s for life.

Still time to vote for blogging

If you read a lot of Oracle blogs you can’t have missed the news that you get to vote for some of the sessions at Oracle Open World this year on Oracle Mix. There’s a lot of great sessions suggested and although I’m about to plug my own I would encourage you to check out the other suggestions and vote often.

My suggestion is for a session inspired by the series I started on Why product development should blog, which only got as far as three part:

Why Product Development should Blog – How blogging will help your customers and YOU

A bold claim, but one I’m pretty confident I can back up. I’d also be interested in getting input form other bloggers within and without Oracle so I can share some of your wisdom in this session too. So add your comments and remember to go and vote.

Connections improve productivity – Quelle Surprise

Thanks to Oracle nerd for this post, referencing an article on CIO magazine. Apparantly connected employees are more productive. I thought this was a no brainer, if I know a lot of people I can get help and advice from a lot of people, equally if I know a lot of stuff people want to stay connected to me so they can pick my brains and get their job done.

The article goes into more depth and backs it’s argument up with stats, research and references, but I’m a blogger not a journalist. I think the paragraph above is obvious so I state it as my opinion and I’m done. For more detail on my ideas around what I call dev 2.0 you can read my original post, if you want to see it in action – you need to come and join my team, or maybe offer me a job (Boss – if you’re reading, this is a joke).