Collaborate 14 Paper: Balancing by 2 Segments

It is a very common requirement to automatically balance by two different segments of the chart of accounts, typically the Legal Entity and some sort of Management Entity (department, line of business, cost center, etc).  Fusion financials allows you to balance by up to three segments, which is always a well received feature.  However at Collaborate you can learn how one company built a custom to do this in EBusiness Suite.  I’m honored to have been asked to Co-present with GE on this topic, they have done some really good work here and I’m sure it will be of great interest to others too.  So come along and join us, you’ll get the specifics of what they did, the details are below:

Session ID: 13941
When: 10 Apr 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Level 1, Marco Polo – 801
Speakers: Sangeeta Sameer, General Electric (GE),  David Haimes, Oracle Corporation
Abstract: This paper describes the Custom solution that General Electric (GE) implemented in collaboration with Oracle to achieve Balancing by 2 segments in Release 12.1.3 of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). GE has the business need to Balance by both the Legal Entity (LE) and Management Entity (ME) segments in the Chart of Accounts. While Fusion Applications allow Balancing by 3 segments, Oracle EBS Applications do not have this Functionality. This paper covers the requirements and solution in detail for 2 Segment Balancing.

Oracle Ebusiness Suite Financials Books

I am often asked what book to read to learn Oracle Financials, there is no simple answer here.  If you get the concepts right everything else will drop into place much more easily than getting overwhelmed with specific details of how to configure every single feature click by click or what every single UI does in detail.  I have listed some of the books available below.  I have given some commentary, but I advise going to amazon and checking out the reviews there or looking in the comments of this post where I hope you will all share your thoughts on the ones you have read.

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook, Third Edition

I have the first edition of this book, it is very readable and goes over the concepts and major features of all the products in financials, a good starting point if you are new to financials.  It discusses how you would run an implementation project and does not concern itself with step by step guidance on how to set up specific features.  It’s a good book and well researched.

I have not read the third edition in detail yet, anyone who has please feel free to post comments on this post.

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials R12: A Functionality Guide

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials R12

Full disclosure on this one.  Firstly I was given this book free by the publishers to review, secondly I know the author Mohan Iyer, who is chair of the OAUG GL Special Interest Group.

This book is not going to make you an expert in Oracle Financials and ready to get started on a major implementation right away, it does not get into the detailed steps of how to configure all the modules and features. It simply introduces the modules in a way that a business user can understand, diving into a little more detail in some places. I think it is intended to be a guide for a business user considering or already starting an implementation, so they can understand some of the options and choices available and I feel it mostly meets that goal well.

The Oracle General Ledger guide

I purchased this book and I’ve read most of it. It seems to be very comprehensive and accurate on the details but is not adding the value I’d hope for over and above the online help or product documentation.  I would have liked it to see some more concise overviews of features and business cases for using certain implementation choices over others.  That said I’m thrilled to a book on GL and am sure many people will find it useful.

Oracle E-Business Suite Development & Extensibility Guide

Not had a chance to read this one, but it contains information that many, many people will care a lot about.  Let me know if you have read it.

Shining a Light on the Release 12 World

The Solution Beacon crew have produced a number of good publications and have a lot of experience, they focus on what is new in R12 and what is in it for you.  It comes with a recommendation from Floyd Teter, who is a respected friend of this blog.  I have not read this one myself.

If you have any of these books, or maybe you are one of the authors of these books please share your thoughts with the community in the comments section.

Changing the Legal Entity to Balancing Segment Assignement

In the R12 Accounting Setup Manager, you can assign Balancing segment values (aka BSV, Company Codes) to Legal Entities, that’s nothing new for me to blog about.  However a few times in the last month or two I have been asked a question along the lines of

“We are doing a re-org or have created a new LE and now we want to reassign an existing BSV to the new LE, how do we do that?”

My reply is

“I don’t think you really want to do that”

The reason why is because moving ownership of assets and liabilities from one Legal Entity to another is an Intercompany Sale, it has to be done correctly and any taxes due etc must be paid.  Also you need to keep all the history of the activity the old legal entity did and report on that and have it available for audit.  Also you probably want to deal with all the open transactions against the old LE in one way and just start recording new transactions against the new LE.  A good option is to create a new balancing segment value and assign that to the new LE.

There is one situation where I am ok with people wanting to change the assignment, that is when it was a mistake during implementation and you have not entered any transactions against it yet.  That is essentially a data fix.

Catch me at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Just a quick post to list out the sessions I’ll be involved in presenting this year at Oracle OpenWorld.  I will also be active on twitter as we approach the conference and during the week itself, look for the #OOW hashtag and follow me.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service and Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub [CON9815]  – Wednesday, Sep 25, 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM – Marriott Marquis – Foothill F

This is part of the Partner Network Exchange, I am pretty excited about it because I firmly believe we can enable partners to provide fast, and high quality implementations for customers with our Rapid Implementation tools and the ERP Cloud service.

Get up and running on Oracle Fusion Financials at the speed of the cloud with the Oracle Fusion Financials rapid implementation tools. Upload tools enable you to upload repetitive entries such as the chart of accounts directly from Excel to Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service. Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager guides you through the essential steps for setting up and configuring your applications, using the most-common features and best practices considerations. Also discover how Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub addresses common problems such as integrating accounting from Oracle as well as non-Oracle applications. All of this will enable your customers to reap the benefits of Oracle Fusion in the cloud or on-premises faster than ever.

Oracle Fusion Applications: Social Collaboration and Mobile for ERP [CON9553] – Tuesday, Sep 24, 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM – Moscone West – 3022

Social and mobile are areas where the enterprise software industry is seeing some exciting innovation that drives productivity and business benefit.  I’m presenting with John Killen and we want to show you how your organization can make best use of the features in Fusion ERP suite.  We have a lot of product to show, so there will be more demo and less powerpoint, there will be no snoozing in this session.

Learn how Oracle Fusion solutions for social networking and mobile can help ERP organizations boost user productivity and increase user adoption. Oracle Fusion ERP applications are optimized for today’s collaborative, hyperconnected, mobile workforce and enable new levels of productivity and collaboration for finance, procurement, and project portfolio management teams. This session highlights the ways your company can increase performance and alignment across ERP organizations and related business processes.

I will also be talking on Sunday at the OAUG GL SIG meeting, the topic will be the upgrade to Ebusiness Suite R12 Subleger Accounting (SLA).  Which is a hot topic whenever I talk to customers, there is a lot of power in SLA and I think people are pretty excited about it and realizing some quick gains from it’s power.

I’m going to be pretty busy preparing for these presentations, but I’d like to find time to blog about some of the other things I’ll be attending or I think are interesting to followers of this blog.  Watch this space.

Oracle OpenWorld: The Fusion Apps WOW factor

This certainly felt like my busiest OpenWorld ever, but one of my most enjoyable.  I’ve already blogged my What, Where and When and I pretty much did all I planned to do.  I spent a lot of time at the Demo Booth for Fusion Financials and really enjoyed people’s reaction to Fusion Applications.  My favorite incident was when I was showing to an Oracle representative and his client who was an experienced Russian lady who had a lot of questions and then wanted to see a demo, all my answers to her questions had to be translated so she would mostly be looking at the interpreter.  However during the demo  she just looked over at me and smiled instead of looking at the interpreter and the amazement on her face said it all.  It seems the WOW factor needs no translation.

My What, Where and When of Oracle OpenWorld

If you are attending Oracle OpenWorld for the first time, the best advice I can give is to get your WWW sorted out ahead of time;  if you don’t know what you want to hear, see, learn and experience and when and where it is you will waste valuable time trying to figure that out during the conference and the whole thing will pass you by.  Certainly it is worth having a few backup plans and leaving some open times in your Calendar, trust me you will fill those open slots catching up with friends, visiting the Demo Grounds and exhibition halls and of course catching up with all the email and calls from your day job that won’t stop because you are at a conference.

This year I am presenting, working on the demo grounds and meeting up with customers/partners and I hope catching up with a lot of people I don’t get to see in person very often and maybe having a drink or two with them.

If you’re reading this blog you may be interested in some of the same things I am interested in and might even want to come and see me so without further ado, here is my What, Where and When

Sunday September 31

For me this is OUAG day, a lot of Special Interest Group meetings so I will be around in Moscone West all day.

2.00PM in 3008 in Moscone West * Session ID * SIG10511 – Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) GL Special Interest Group Meeting

I will be presenting about Oracle’s own implementation of Fusion Accounting Hub, which they have been live on since June.  More details of the subject here.  I think it is a very compelling story and am excited to share it and answer any questions on it.

I will likely go home and watch the live stream of Larry’s keynote from there with my kids (that means we might be in the same room, but not all actually watching – 7, 5 and 2×3 year olds are not so interested in the future of Enterprise computing).


9:45 – 2:15 Demo grounds – Applications Demo Grounds in Moscone West – ‘Oracle Fusion Financials Offers Revolutionary Reporting and Insight’

Working on Demo Pods is hard work, very hard.  Always busy, wide variety of people and questions and conversations.  A great place to come and interact with people and ask your specific questions and see exactly what you are interested in.

3:15 PM – 4:15 Oracle Fusion Financials: Overview, Strategy, Customer Experiences, and Roadmap in Moscone West – 2003 (presented by my bosses)

I’ve been working on some interesting stuff recently and you should get to see some of that in the demo section of this session, might be some mobile content and something social as well as the revolutionary reporting and insight.  I will not be on stage, I’ll be at the front somewhere but have a small role in the demo playing an accountant called Ted Brown.

4:45 PM – 5:45 PM Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, Coexisting with Your Current Financials Systems in Moscone West – 2003


10:15 – 11:15 Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Case Study: Global Deployment at Oracle (CON8846 ) in Moscone West – 2005

Similar to my session on Sunday but done better.  The Oracle Finance Department and the Oracle IT team discuss how they implemented a Global Chart of Accounts and migrated to Fusion Accounting Hub and the business benefits they gained.  They will present this much better than I can because they drove the project and will tell it how it is, I cannot recommend this session highly enough.

1:15 PM – 2:15 PM Oracle Fusion Financials: Customer Adoption and Experiences Moscone West – 2003

Hear about customer implementations and how they have benefited from Fusion.

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM How to Score an Eagle on a Par 5: PGA Migrates to Oracle Fusion Applications Moscone West – 2003

I had the pleasure of visiting this customer a couple of times, although I was so busy talking about Fusion with them I didn’t get a chance to play golf.  A great set of people and a great story about how to get the best out of Fusion Applications and the embedded BI.

6pm – 7:30pm BizTech sponsored OAUG event, it will involve a set of presenters who wowed crowds at the OAUG Collaborate event this year, I’m going to chat for a few minutes about Fusion Financials and how it can Coexist with your R12 EBS or other financials systems.

6pm onwards – Frontera Consulting reception – Hoping I can meet some of the people I have worked with on a Fusion Early Adopter Customer;  Frontera were the implementation partner on one of the first Financials Customers to go live.  Yes, this clashes with the above event, I will figure that out somehow.


9:45 – 2:15 Demo grounds – Applications Demo Grounds in Moscone West – ‘Oracle Fusion Financials Offers Revolutionary Reporting and Insight’

As above hard work, but if you have questions it’s a good place to find me or my colleagues from product development.

Blogger Meetup – If you blog about Oracle, come and meet kindred spirits.  Sign up here.

Here are some other sessions of Interest, that I might not be able to make but if I could, I would.

Monday 12:15 PM – 1:15
PM Infosys Enables Better Finance Decisions at Al Shirawi, Using Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Moscone West – 2012 –

If I can get away from my demo pod for a few minutes I’d be interested in this presentation.  I talked to this customer once during their implementation, but mostly things went really smoothly and the Infosys team handled the implementation very well.

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM Oracle Fusion Applications: Cloud Applications and Services Overview Moscone West – 2001

Cloud, expect a lot of talk about cloud all week, in a lot of sessions.

CON9432 4:45 Monday Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, Coexisting with Your Current Financials Systems

CON9445 Wednesday 1:15 Information Excess Versus Information Access

I should be getting a preview of this session later this week, understand the real power and value of Fusion Financials

Fusion Accounting Hub Coexistence with Ebusiness Suite

If you want to get some of the revolutionary reporting capabilities that the embedded essbase General Ledger cube brings to Fusion Accounting Hub whilst continuing to leverage the investment you have in your Oracle eBusiness suite Financials then Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub coexistence is the path to take.  This is what Oracle has done to not only improve it’s reporting capabilities, but also to enable it to move forward with a new Global Chart of Accounts and reduce the time spent on it’s month end close process.  Oracle is now one of a number of customers live on Fusion Accounting Hub and realizing real business benefits as discussed by Corey West, Senior Vice President, Oracle’s Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer in this Blog Post.

I’m very excited about this and at the General Ledger Special Interest Group meeting at Oracle OpenWorld this year I will outline The functional and technical architecture of the system, some details of the implementation.  I’ll also make sure to leave plenty of time for questions.  Watch this space for details on timings and location, or follow me on twitter where I will of course post details as we get closer.

Fusion Financials in 2D

I was asked by a customer for some links to send to their users to give them a taste of the powerful reporting features in Fusion Financials.  That gave me the idea to post a few videos here, because Fusion Financials looks so good it is better to see it than for me to explain it to you.

First you should check out the Fusion Financials YouTube channel, which has some nice demos with voice over by my former boss and now strategy director Zoe Read.  I have embedded my personal favorite below

Then there is a two minute overview of Financials on that really only scratches the surface but captures the essence of why the reporting is so compelling very well.

If you have questions after that, feel free to ask them in comments section below…

EBusiness Suite Legal Entity FAQ

I’ve been preparing these for a presentation at Oracle OpenWorld next week, they were mostly taken from the questions asked by Alyssa Johnson in her comment, but they are very typical questions that I get asked a lot.

What is the difference between the 11i GRE/LE and R12 LE?

  • GRE/LE is upgraded as an LE in R12
  • In 11i GRE/LE was often a dummy LE, not real LE structure and had little use
  • R12 LE has a more robust definition
  • R12 LE is used more by processes and reports across financials

Where does the LE impact R12 processing?

  • Short answer – Tax, Intercompany (AGIS), Global Features

Why should I assign BSVs to my LEs in the Ledger?

  • It is optional, if your BSV is your company code, you have an implied LE there in your GL
  • It helps with some LE derivation for transaction stamping
  • Allows you to run reports by LE
  • May make Intercompany rules easier to define

In 11i, the LE doesn’t really correspond to the true Legal Entities of the Organization (e.g. only one LE is setup even though there are multiple companies). What is going to break in R12 if I leave it that way?

  • Nothing will break if you do nothing and stay with one ‘dummy’ LE
  • You won’t get all the good stuff we talked about earlier

Is there a connection between the LE and the BU?

  • If you map LE to Ledgers / BSV, there is an indirect LE-OU relationship
  • There is a Default Legal Entity for an OU (Default Legal Context) which in some cases(1:1:1) it will be the only LE so it is a direct assingment

If you want to add anything to this, or have more questions then fine the comments section below…

Want more on Legal Entities?

I was perusing the statistics that provides for this blog and was interested to learn that the most commented on post, with a whopping 69 comments, is the classic from November 2007 – How do I define my Legal Entities? .  It has also received 18,449 page views which is the second most viewed post on this blog.  My conclusion is that people are interested in this topic and want to learn more, so I thought I would mention the OAUG GL SIG meeting at OpenWorld where I have been asked to make a short presentation about Legal Entities, essential details are:


Title: OAUG General Ledger SIG
Time Sunday, 04:00 PM, Moscone West – 3005
Length 1 Hour
Abstract: The OAUG General Ledger SIG is a worldwide community of professionals engaged in the use of record-to-report business processes. Group members are business users, consultants, and support members engaged in the use of Oracle General Ledger.

This session focuses on Oracle Fusion Financials’ General Ledger feature, the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12+ update, and the Oracle Financials release roadmap.

I have just started to think about preparing slides and I thought that rather than actually work on them, I would blog and see if anyone had ideas on the type of thing I should talk about (the hip crowd would call it crowd sourcing).  It’s been almost 4 years since that post, so let me know in the comments what more information you would like on Legal Entities in Oracle Apps.

The comments section is just down below, past all the widgets asking you to like the post and share it…