5 things I don’t do to get more clicks

I was prompted to write the by this  very funny post on the excellent xkcd.com, which highlights what I think is a growing problem of attention grabbing headlines to try and drive traffic.  Everything has to be a ‘5 things…’ or ‘You won’t believe…’ type of headline and format of post, rather than a headline giving an idea what the post is about.

I do like to make snappy titles to my blog posts, but that is to make them more readable and memorable, if you were blogging about Enterprise Software and Accounting (possibly the two most boring subjects known to man) you would do the same.  I do the same with presentations, for example to make my point that mobile solutions need to think about rapidly changing platforms I brought in a host of mobile devices from the last 12 years, it is a trip down memory lane, a little bit of fun and it helps to emphasize my point.

What I don’t do is artificially squeeze a topic into the standard format that is said to generate more traffic to a blog.  I think this is selling your soul for clicks and if your writing has no soul then how can you expect to engage the readership you want to reach?  I personally tend to avoid clicking on headlines or links like “This video will blow your mind – MUST SEE”, the chances of my mind being blown are slim and I am fairly sure that if I don’t see it, then life will go on just fine.  I suspect most of my readers feel the same way about attention grabbing headlines, so probably nobody is reading this anyway.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

If you are an Oracle Cloud customer or a partner, or are considering becoming one, or if you are just interested, you should check out the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  It follows the type App Store type model that you are probably familiar with, but this is for cloud based enterprise apps.

oracle cloud marketplaceI am always inspired by the innovation that comes from the Oracle partners, it drives me to try and keep innovating in the products Oracle produces and that is how the ecosystem should work.  I see a lot of content on their already and I plan to try out some of the free apps over the next days and weeks, maybe I will do reviews of anything I find particularly interesting.  However you shouldn’t wait for my reviews, get over there now and check out the content, post in the comments to discuss what you find.

What is Fusion Accounting Hub?

I like the name Fusion Accounting Hub.  I would like it more if it did not cause so much confusion with the E-Business Suite (EBS) Financial Accounting Hub.  So in an effort to clear things up, I’m writing this blog post.

First some history.  When we designed EBS R12 we wanted to have a common accounting engine for all subledgers, so we built Subledger Accounting (SLA).  We also wanted to provide a platform for customers to generate accounting for all their non Oracle Apps transactional systems using a rule based system.  So we created Financial Accounting Hub (FAH) which exposes the SLA rules engine to external systems so you can bring those into EBS and generate the accounting for multiple systems in one place, using standardized, transparent accounting rules.

When we were building Fusion Applications, we wanted to Fuse the market leading Hyperion BI and Financial Reporting features as well as the powerful PeopleSoft Trees* with EBS General Ledger.  We also wanted to provide a way for Peoplesoft, EBS and JDEdwards customers to move to Fusion in an incremental manner, maybe consolidating data from several GL instances into one Fusion system.  The result was Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH).  Oh and we also provided the accounting rules engine for external systems in the Fusion Accounting Hub.

So we ended up with the same ‘Accounting Hub’ name for the Fusion product when it really offers a whole lot more and different options, you can pick and choose what you take advantage of.

So in summary:

  • E-Business Suite Financial Accounting Hub – An accounting integration platform
  • Fusion Accounting Hub – A BI, reporting and consolidation Platform and an Accounting Integration platform

The other great thing about Fusion Accounting Hub is it is a a great way to incrementally move all your financials into Fusion, but that is a topic for another post…

I hope this clarifies, rather than confuses things, but please let me know your questions in the comments section below.

*Actually there are other Peoplesoft features we include, not least of all automatic balancing across multiple chart of account segments.