My What, Where and When of Oracle OpenWorld

If you are attending Oracle OpenWorld for the first time, the best advice I can give is to get your WWW sorted out ahead of time;  if you don’t know what you want to hear, see, learn and experience and when and where it is you will waste valuable time trying to figure that out during the conference and the whole thing will pass you by.  Certainly it is worth having a few backup plans and leaving some open times in your Calendar, trust me you will fill those open slots catching up with friends, visiting the Demo Grounds and exhibition halls and of course catching up with all the email and calls from your day job that won’t stop because you are at a conference.

This year I am presenting, working on the demo grounds and meeting up with customers/partners and I hope catching up with a lot of people I don’t get to see in person very often and maybe having a drink or two with them.

If you’re reading this blog you may be interested in some of the same things I am interested in and might even want to come and see me so without further ado, here is my What, Where and When

Sunday September 31

For me this is OUAG day, a lot of Special Interest Group meetings so I will be around in Moscone West all day.

2.00PM in 3008 in Moscone West * Session ID * SIG10511 – Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) GL Special Interest Group Meeting

I will be presenting about Oracle’s own implementation of Fusion Accounting Hub, which they have been live on since June.  More details of the subject here.  I think it is a very compelling story and am excited to share it and answer any questions on it.

I will likely go home and watch the live stream of Larry’s keynote from there with my kids (that means we might be in the same room, but not all actually watching – 7, 5 and 2×3 year olds are not so interested in the future of Enterprise computing).


9:45 – 2:15 Demo grounds – Applications Demo Grounds in Moscone West – ‘Oracle Fusion Financials Offers Revolutionary Reporting and Insight’

Working on Demo Pods is hard work, very hard.  Always busy, wide variety of people and questions and conversations.  A great place to come and interact with people and ask your specific questions and see exactly what you are interested in.

3:15 PM – 4:15 Oracle Fusion Financials: Overview, Strategy, Customer Experiences, and Roadmap in Moscone West – 2003 (presented by my bosses)

I’ve been working on some interesting stuff recently and you should get to see some of that in the demo section of this session, might be some mobile content and something social as well as the revolutionary reporting and insight.  I will not be on stage, I’ll be at the front somewhere but have a small role in the demo playing an accountant called Ted Brown.

4:45 PM – 5:45 PM Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, Coexisting with Your Current Financials Systems in Moscone West – 2003


10:15 – 11:15 Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Case Study: Global Deployment at Oracle (CON8846 ) in Moscone West – 2005

Similar to my session on Sunday but done better.  The Oracle Finance Department and the Oracle IT team discuss how they implemented a Global Chart of Accounts and migrated to Fusion Accounting Hub and the business benefits they gained.  They will present this much better than I can because they drove the project and will tell it how it is, I cannot recommend this session highly enough.

1:15 PM – 2:15 PM Oracle Fusion Financials: Customer Adoption and Experiences Moscone West – 2003

Hear about customer implementations and how they have benefited from Fusion.

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM How to Score an Eagle on a Par 5: PGA Migrates to Oracle Fusion Applications Moscone West – 2003

I had the pleasure of visiting this customer a couple of times, although I was so busy talking about Fusion with them I didn’t get a chance to play golf.  A great set of people and a great story about how to get the best out of Fusion Applications and the embedded BI.

6pm – 7:30pm BizTech sponsored OAUG event, it will involve a set of presenters who wowed crowds at the OAUG Collaborate event this year, I’m going to chat for a few minutes about Fusion Financials and how it can Coexist with your R12 EBS or other financials systems.

6pm onwards – Frontera Consulting reception – Hoping I can meet some of the people I have worked with on a Fusion Early Adopter Customer;  Frontera were the implementation partner on one of the first Financials Customers to go live.  Yes, this clashes with the above event, I will figure that out somehow.


9:45 – 2:15 Demo grounds – Applications Demo Grounds in Moscone West – ‘Oracle Fusion Financials Offers Revolutionary Reporting and Insight’

As above hard work, but if you have questions it’s a good place to find me or my colleagues from product development.

Blogger Meetup – If you blog about Oracle, come and meet kindred spirits.  Sign up here.

Here are some other sessions of Interest, that I might not be able to make but if I could, I would.

Monday 12:15 PM – 1:15
PM Infosys Enables Better Finance Decisions at Al Shirawi, Using Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Moscone West – 2012 –

If I can get away from my demo pod for a few minutes I’d be interested in this presentation.  I talked to this customer once during their implementation, but mostly things went really smoothly and the Infosys team handled the implementation very well.

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM Oracle Fusion Applications: Cloud Applications and Services Overview Moscone West – 2001

Cloud, expect a lot of talk about cloud all week, in a lot of sessions.

CON9432 4:45 Monday Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, Coexisting with Your Current Financials Systems

CON9445 Wednesday 1:15 Information Excess Versus Information Access

I should be getting a preview of this session later this week, understand the real power and value of Fusion Financials

Observations from my 15 Years at Oracle

Office pictureLast weekend I completed 15 years at Oracle, all of those years have been spent in Applications Product Development, specifically financials.  That may sound like a long time to do the same thing, but I have been through a lot if big shifts in the IT industry and within Oracle during that time, it’s always been a challenging time and the only constant is change.

I started out in the UK for 2 years before moving out to California in 2000 where I have been ever since, in the 300 building you see on the left.

The earliest Applications release I started out working on was 10.4 and I think the database version was 7.  I still have a promotional VHS cassette that all employees were sent when the 8i database was launched and a license plate holder with the tag line ‘the internet changes everything’ which I got on my first day starting at Oracle HQ.  I also have more Polo Shirts, hats, bags and vests with the Oracle Logo on than I care to count.

As I said earlier the only constant has been change and I’ve seen a lot of interesting changes, shifts and fads come and go.  Here’s a list of the things I can recall in a somewhat chronological order

  • Character mode Apps
  • Client Server GUI Apps
  • Browser based Apps
  • The Millennium Bug
  • Providing 24 hour cover over New Year 2000, when nothing happened
  • The emergence of the internet
  • The dot com boom
  • The dot com bust
  • The Network Computer (including Larry showing a network computer on Oprah)
  • Oracle starting consolidation in the Enterprise Applications space
  • Web 2.0
  • Social Apps
  • The Cloud

So there’s a few of my favorite things, feel free to add yours or comment on mine in the comments section below.

Fusion Accounting Hub Coexistence with Ebusiness Suite

If you want to get some of the revolutionary reporting capabilities that the embedded essbase General Ledger cube brings to Fusion Accounting Hub whilst continuing to leverage the investment you have in your Oracle eBusiness suite Financials then Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub coexistence is the path to take.  This is what Oracle has done to not only improve it’s reporting capabilities, but also to enable it to move forward with a new Global Chart of Accounts and reduce the time spent on it’s month end close process.  Oracle is now one of a number of customers live on Fusion Accounting Hub and realizing real business benefits as discussed by Corey West, Senior Vice President, Oracle’s Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer in this Blog Post.

I’m very excited about this and at the General Ledger Special Interest Group meeting at Oracle OpenWorld this year I will outline The functional and technical architecture of the system, some details of the implementation.  I’ll also make sure to leave plenty of time for questions.  Watch this space for details on timings and location, or follow me on twitter where I will of course post details as we get closer.

More on Embedded Business Intelligence

I first blogged on this topic back in early 2010, then later introduced it in a guest post on Steve Miranda’s Oracle Applications blog and last month I did another guest post on the subject.  The latest post discusses an Olympic cycling event where pertinent information was available, but it was not relayed to the cyclists in a timely manner and so they could not act upon it when they needed to, this was part of what cost them medals (there may have been other factors too, but that is a long story).

Timeliness is one of the three key attributes required for BI to be considered embedded BI (the other two are relevant and actionable) and I wanted to give a business example of where timely is relevant.  Let’s imagine I am approving an expense report for one of my overseas employees’ home broadband costs for June, July and August;  I don’t know if the amount they are claiming is reasonable and I don’t recall if they already submitted an expense for June already.  So embedded BI here I want is average costs of broadband in that location (from external sources, or maybe average of all employee expense claims in that location) and some information on previous expense reports, it would also be good to see that amount in US dollars too.  All this information is available in my Enterprise Application and I can get it quickly, I should not for example wait until the amount is transferred to the General Ledger and converted into US dollars at my Month End rate published from my Treasury team, an approximation based on a rate from an external web service or last month’s rate will work for this purpose.  If I get this information in a timely manner, it is there when I review the expense report and I can approve right away and save my time navigating to other places to research this and also avoid any late fees from the credit card firm arising from a delay in my approval.

The example above does not require aggregation of huge amounts of data in an offline data warehouse, nor does it require an eye catching 3D animated Chart; these exciting things do have their place and they are very impressive in demos but I find the simple use cases that bring real improvements to the way people work are the ones that resonate really well when I talk to Users.

Now it’s your turn to agree or disagree with my assessment of things, the comments section is right below and I would love to hear your thoughts.