Collaborate 12 Las Vegas

This was a great conference and I am grateful to be invited by the Oracle Applications User Group (@OAUG1), due to my previous presentations for the GL Special Interest Group (@glsig).  There are a number of reasons I like this conference, not least of all that I learn a lot about how customers implement and use our software, what they like and what are the pain points and what new business problems or situations people are facing that we can figure out how to help them with.

My schedule seemed to be light, but as always I forgot to factor in still doing my day job and talking to a lot of interesting and knowledgeable people (you all know who you are).  I got a way too early flight out of SFO and went straight to meet my fellow SIG members and present about Legal Entities in R12 and what you can do with them in payables and receivables.  Lots of good questions both during and after the session, from customers and implementers.  In the evening I caught up with Jake of AppsLab fame and some of the Webcenter development team, who I hadn’t met in person before (a special shout out to Noel Portugal (@noe_portugal) who I have known online since the early days of OraTweet).

On Monday I did a lot of my day job in the morning and arrived a few minutes late for an Inter / Intra Company session with Lee (@BTLeeBriggs) and Thomas (@ThomasSimkiss) to find the room was too full and they were turning people away, a repeat was scheduled for Wednesday which was also well attended.  This confirms my theory, Intercompany is a really interesting topic that everyone wants to hear about.  I then had lunch and a really good chat with Debra Lilley, both enjoyable and informative.  Monday night was a fairly quiet night, catching up with work and a stroll along the strip for an hour.

On Tuesday I had a lot of work to do in the morning(anyone seeing a pattern here?) and then I attended the multinational SIG, where we discussed the many applications of a secondary ledger and chart of account design, these are always very interactive sessions where I get to learn from others and hope I contribute something worthwhile.  Then I made some time to check out the demo booths, I saw a large crowd at the Fusion Financials booth, who looked captivated by the product as you can see.  I was not working the demo booth at this event, but  expect to be on demo booth duty at Open World this year, so you have advance warning to add it to your schedule and come and see me there.

Wednesday was my last day and I was a guest at the Fusion Financials session doing a demo of the Fusion General Accounting Dashboard and also an  example of social integration that enables more streamlined collaboration around a specific business process.   This is using the Oracle Social Network technology in webcenter and we had some fun with the iPad and iPhone apps too, it’s always good when you get a round of applause during a demo and as you can see from the picture people were watching intently.

Then it was to the airport and back home.  The conference went way too quickly, but I did get some invitations for other conferences later in the year and then there is OpenWorld not too far away so plenty of chances to get my fix.

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