We are a part of the Fusion Nation

Fusion Nation Red Vest

This year at Oracle OpenWorld there will be a lot of people in these red vests.  We are part of what is dubbed ‘Fusion Nation’, consisting of early adopter customers, partners, system integrators, user groups and a few Oracle dev folks (that’s where I come in).  All these people have been working in depth with Fusion Applications and are more than happy to talk to others about their experiences.  I collected my red vest today and I have to admit it is a high quality garment and I have already been asked more than once “How do I get one of those?’ (They are not available, try ebay after the conference ends).  It comes with a red satchel and also a button saying ‘Ask me about Oracle Fusion Applications’.  So if you see somebody wearing the vest, feel free to stop and ask them, they’ll be happy to talk as people are very enthusiastic and excited about the product.  Debra may not stop when she gets started.

I am closing this post with the first music video ever in this blog.  Whenever I hear the term Fusion Nation, I can’t help but sing Janet Jackson’s 1990 hit ‘Rhythm Nation’, switching out Rhythm for Fusion.   Click on the video below if you want to be humming the song involuntarily too.  The rumor that Janet Jackson will join Steve Miranda on stage for his keynote on Wednesday are probably starting to circulate about now.