Want more on Legal Entities?

I was perusing the statistics that wordpress.com provides for this blog and was interested to learn that the most commented on post, with a whopping 69 comments, is the classic from November 2007 – How do I define my Legal Entities? .  It has also received 18,449 page views which is the second most viewed post on this blog.  My conclusion is that people are interested in this topic and want to learn more, so I thought I would mention the OAUG GL SIG meeting at OpenWorld where I have been asked to make a short presentation about Legal Entities, essential details are:


Title: OAUG General Ledger SIG
Time Sunday, 04:00 PM, Moscone West – 3005
Length 1 Hour
Abstract: The OAUG General Ledger SIG is a worldwide community of professionals engaged in the use of record-to-report business processes. Group members are business users, consultants, and support members engaged in the use of Oracle General Ledger.

This session focuses on Oracle Fusion Financials’ General Ledger feature, the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12+ update, and the Oracle Financials release roadmap.

I have just started to think about preparing slides and I thought that rather than actually work on them, I would blog and see if anyone had ideas on the type of thing I should talk about (the hip crowd would call it crowd sourcing).  It’s been almost 4 years since that post, so let me know in the comments what more information you would like on Legal Entities in Oracle Apps.

The comments section is just down below, past all the widgets asking you to like the post and share it…

4 Responses

  1. David,

    I’m so glad to see that you will be presenting on the topic of LEs at OOW. I get alot of questions about this topic. Some of the items that I think would be important include:

    What is the difference between the GRE/LE and R12 LE?
    Where does the LE impact R12 processing? – that could take the whole hour :)
    Why should I assign BSVs to my LEs in the Ledger? Can’t I just leave the definition as ‘None Specified’
    Do I really need to defined all my Legal Entities? Right now in 11i, the LE doesn’t really correspond to the true Legal Entities of the Organization (e.g. only one LE is setup even though there are multiple companies). What is going to break in R12 if I leave it that way?
    Is there a connection between the Legal Entity and the OU?

    See you at OOW,
    Alyssa Johnson


    • Hi Alyssa,

      These are all good questions, I hope I’ll be able to answer them clearly enough. I’m expecting a lively presentation so I need to be well prepared for this.

      Look forward to seeing you


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  3. […] OpenWorld next week, they were mostly taken from the questions asked by Alyssa Johnson in her comment, but they are very typical questions that I get asked a […]


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