Great Blog for Financial Accounting Hub Information

I have mentioned the Financial Accounting Hub (FAH) before on this blog, but have never really gone into a lot of detail.  The good news is that you don’t need to wait for me to get around to writing about it, Sven Van Leempt has got some great posts on his blog, he has real world experience implementing FAH and in particular integrating it with Peoplesoft GL.  I would recommend starting with is post explaining the relationship between FAH and the Subledger Accounting(SLA), this is a question that comes up a lot.

10 Responses

  1. Cheers for the mention David!
    And glad to take some of this burden of your shoulders :-)


  2. Sven,
    I think the community will benefit from the information on your blog. Keep up the great work there.


  3. Thanks for mentioning!


  4. David…

    Suddenly I had to look for FAH – PeopleSoft – SLA/XLA …a google search took me to your blog was very useful, found exactly what I was looking for ….


  5. Hi Nitya,

    I’m glad you found it useful – this is exactly why I created the blog. I just wish I could find a little more time to post more information here.


  6. Really great and very useful blog you got here. I hope i can share my thoughts as a virtual accountant here.


  7. thanks for sharing this..


  8. No doubt this is really a wonderful post..


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