My name is David and I used to be a blogger

So many bloggers are blogging less and spending more time pushing out 140 character packets of info on Twitter. I have no problem with Twitter, I blogged about it and hang out there now and then, but for me it is no replacement for blogging. My lack activity here has nothing to do with Twitter as it is for Justin from Oracle tech net (for the record, I think Justin tweets plenty of really good info), my silence is due to two factors.

1. Lack of time – busy job at Oracle, arrival of our 3rd and 4th children, spending summer in Europe, moving house…
2. I can’t discuss my day job – I have the pleasure of managing a development team building truly amazing and ground breaking Fusion products. Downside is we can’t talk much about it yet as it isn’t released.

Regarding the second point, I should still blog about R12, all the reasons I started this blog are still valid, but I find it increasingly hard to switch gears from Fusion to R12 (maybe something to do with age?).

As for lack of time this will always be a problem.  I have tried to respond to comments and keep up reading some of the other great oracle blogs, but only now whilst starting out on a 22 hour flight to India do I feel I have a little time to think about blogging… So when I next get connected I can hit publish and I am a blogger again.