What a difference a year makes


Written by David Haimes

This blog turned one year old this week, so a short review of the year is in order.

I started this blog after Open World 2007, mostly as a way to put answers ‘out there’ to the questions I was being asked multiple times during the conference. I was hoping to do a couple of posts a week and have managed a total of 74, or 1.4 per week, which considering I have got a lot more responsibility at work than 12 months ago I’m pleased with. Most of all I enjoyed the conversations, there have been 400 comments including one from Charles Phillips (indirectly) but I didn’t hear form Larry when I posted a picture of his Yacht which incidentally gave me by far my highest day of hits, the majority coming from Digg.

What has pleasantly surprised me about blogging is how much I have learned in the past year from the comments on the blogs and from following the plethora of other excellent Oracle bloggers that a year ago I didn’t really know existed. I’ve also spent a lot of time on twitter, following a lot of interesting, entertaining, knowledgeable and helpful people many of whom are also bloggers.

So all in all a good first year and now I look forward to the next one and wonder what the stars have in store for me over the next 12 months…

11 Responses

  1. Happy birthday! I wish your blog more growth and prosperity for many many years to come.


  2. Congrats. Blogging is way harder than it looks, and making it a year without quitting is a big accomplishment. It’s also oddly rewarding. Who knew?

    Here’s to another year.


  3. @Eddie – I’ll just take it one year at a time!

    @Jake – Yes way hard, but you make it look easy


  4. and you totally kicked my rear on # of posts too, no wonder I thought you were around longer than TalentedApps. Since we have yet to get that promised cake maybe we should do a joint-party to celebrate.

    Awesome work David.


  5. Hi David:
    Many happy returns of the day on turning one!
    During my first year of blogging I had 102 posts, but by the second year had lost quite a bit of steam and had only 61 posts. The challenge is indeed to do a day job for 8-10 hours (10-12hrs for you I guess), then thinking something interesting to post.
    I am thinking of writing 3-4 posts during the weekend and scheduling the posts to appear online during the week!
    Here’s to many more years of blogging!


  6. Wow! That’s incredible! Congratulations David.


  7. Happy anniversary, David.


  8. @Meg My friend has an awesome bakery (http://doebakery.blogspot.com/) I’ll try and talk to her over the weekend.


  9. @mohan you’re dedication is a great example, I hope I can get somewhere close to your stamina. Finding the time is very tough, so I’m setting a target of one post a week for the coming year, which should be very manageable.


  10. Congratulations, David…

    I know it takes dedication to do that… and you’ve had some great posts over the year!
    Thanks for all you do…
    Happy blog-a-versary ,@Sanjit


  11. Thanks @Sanjit I can’t compete with the quantity and depth of posts you produce on your blog, which is a great resource.


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