WordPress for iPhone

I just downloaded worpress for the iPhone, looks like I can write blog posts from my iPhone quite easily. However it doesn’t have a lot of formatting features, not sure I can even insert a hyperlink. Might me good for drafting posts when I have few moments.

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  1. The Markdown syntax should make writing posts using the WordPress iPhone App a lot easier. I’m not sure you can install wordpress plugins on wordpress.com. I have the Markdown plugin installed on my blog.


  2. Eddie – I can’t install plugins at wordpress.com, shame as this looks nice. One more thing to nudge me away from wordpress.com


  3. I hear from friends that the WordPress iPhone App is a great tool for quick posts (text only). However, I’m not a WordPress guy – as a blogger user, the LifeCast iPhone App is my tool of choice.


  4. Floyd,

    I think you’re right, I can use the iPhone App to draft posts on my iPhone in the elevator, pub, drivers seat of the car ;) so the app is quite useful. It looks like it also handles sending photos, not tested that yet.. maybe I’ll take a picture of Larry’s boat tomorrow and test it.


  5. I can’t imagine writing a post from an iphone. Maybe I am just too quick with a keyboard and I can’t get used to how slow I am on the iphone. I find text messages and twitter statuses a challenge,


  6. Meg,

    I use the iPhone in otherwise ‘dead time’ such as queuing in the 300 building for my coffee or waiting for the elevator, etc. It isn’t practical to get my laptop out for 1 or 2 minutes and start typing.

    You’ll find you get quicker on it too and it helps me type more succinct emails – which I am sure my colleagues appreciate.


  7. Dude, that is so 207 you need to update from your iPhone with LoopT!!!!


  8. Alvin,

    Been following your loopt updates from facebook – pretty cool. Welcome to California – i’ll give you a call this weekend


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