AGIS Out of the Box


When I was about 10 years old I got a new electric train set for Christmas, but before I got to play with it I had to pinch a plug from one of my siblings toys and fit the only available (and dangerously mismatched) fuse in it. Then I had to read a complicated set of instructions to assemble a delicate set of parts and it was a minor miracle that I had it working before the New Year.

Now when I buy something new, the first thing I do is open the box, turn it on and press buttons to work out how to use it, if I get stuck I maybe look to see if they have a quick start guide. Consumer goods manufacturers make things very intuitive and ready to work right out of the box these days and we have grown to expect that. Remember that iMac add? step 1: plug into power, step 2: plug into a phone line, step 3: – there is no step 3! Wow can I have an ERP system like that please?

When designing AGIS for R12 we tried to minimize the time it would take to get started entering transactions in an initiative we internally called ‘AGIS out of the Box’. I have to give credit to this idea to my former bosses Joe and Terrance for initiating this, but the whole team stopped, sat down and thought about what we could do to allow users to open the box and start using AGIS right away.

We came up with a few ideas

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Bloggers Block?

It’s nice to feel wanted and I’m pleased a few people have asked why no blog posts for a while from me.  Is it Bloggers block, have I lost interest, has somebody got to me?  None of the above – I’ve been really busy working and traveling, now I am in a hotel room and not sleepy just yet so here I am.

I’m in Hyderabad all week spending some time in meetings with our Indian team based here, this is a long overdue trip and it’s really exciting to meet people and put faces to names, voices, IM buddies etc.  A nice example of the power of web 2.0 happened today too, Venkat noticed from my twittering that I was over here so he dropped by to say hello and tell me about his new blog, he isn’t in my division anymore so without twitter he wouldn’t have known I was around.   Nice story – anyone else in Oracle Hyderabad (or just Hyderabad for that matter) reading this – feel free to drop me a note.

Now to prove I really don’t have bloggers block, I need to write something of substance…

Multi-Org Access Control

Written by David Haimes

accesscontrol.jpgMultiple Organizations Access Control or MOAC (pronounced MOW-ACK) to use the seemingly obligatory acronym, is a powerful, yet simple to implement feature available in R12.

Implementors spend a lot of time figuring out how to configure their Legal Entities, Ledgers and Operating Units. There are a number of options some restrictions, depending on what features you want to implement and where you are. See my earlier posts on Legal Entities and Operating Units for details on that. However it is worth remembering that change is the Status Quo (No, not the band of rocking all over the world fame – it’s latin, look it up) and flexibility is important, what was the optimal way to organize your transaction processing yesterday may not be right today. Many companies are creating shared service centers to centralize processing of financial transactions and a single user may process transactions on behalf of many different Operating Units(OU).

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