Welcome Rohit and Bidisha

rohit2.jpgI am very happy to say we have some new contributors to the blog, who I hope will be posting now ad again to help keep this blog fresh.

Rohit Kathuria is a product manager here at Oracle, working specifically on the Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) product in R12.

Rohit was the main author of this article on Intercompany Balancing and I hope he’ll be blogging here about some common questions and gotchas that come to him from the field and interesting enhancements or features that are added.

He was a Company Secretary by profession and a post graduate in commerce. His home town is Bareilly, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Like Anthony from the AppsLab team he enjoys Table Tennis.

Bidisha Silveira is too shy to let me put a picture of her, she is one half of a husband and wife team working in Apps development in our UK development centre (if it was in the US it would be a center). She has worked on my team for a number of years and knows the real nitty gritty technical details of AGIS. She’s writing the follow up piece to my overview of how we used BI Publisher to create interactive online reports, which I promised to Tim back in December

2 Responses

  1. Yeah Bidisha, so bloody hurry up will ya!
    Just messin’ welcome to both of you!


  2. where are you based.
    A nice work


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