One Laptop for Two Children

olpcI mentioned in an earlier post that I will be getting an OLPC OX machine through the Give One Get One program. The program is now closed so you missed your chance to get one, you can still give one (or more). I’m still waiting for mine, but Alvin Richards has got his and has a interesting blog discussing the XO and his 5 year old. I’m not sure which Child love it more Alvin or is 5 year old.

I notice Intel pulled out of the progra, but given they only joined six months ago and there’s been no sign of an intel based OLPC I’m not sure it really changes anything. As reported on ZDnet, Nicholas Negroponte, head of the OLPC project said

“we view the children as a mission; Intel views them as a market”

So no love lost there then!

UPDATE : Found a good look at the OLPC on the BBC tech site

Author: David Haimes

I'm Senior Director in the Oracle Research and Development Organization, with close to 20 years working in various roles on the development of the Financial Management product suite.  Since the summer of 2016 my focus is exclusively on working with customers and longer-term design work, particularly around next-generation functional and technical architecture. My task is to figure out NOW what the financial management system of the next 3, 5 or more years should look like and start working toward it.  At the moment the majority of my time is spent working on Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), leading the effort for all of SaaS applications.  I'm also interested in AI, Machine Learning and new UX and interaction paradigms such as chat bots. I started out in Oracle UK and found my way out to Oracle's Redwood Shores, California HQ in May 2000.  My previous role was product owner for Fusion Accounting Hub, General Ledger, Intercompany and Legal Entity products in Oracle Fusion Financials and eBusiness Suite General Ledger. I have also worked on EMEA Globalizations, Federal and Public Sector Financials, XML Payments and a variety of projects on other products down the years.

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