Welcome Rohit and Bidisha

rohit2.jpgI am very happy to say we have some new contributors to the blog, who I hope will be posting now ad again to help keep this blog fresh.

Rohit Kathuria is a product manager here at Oracle, working specifically on the Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) product in R12.

Rohit was the main author of this article on Intercompany Balancing and I hope he’ll be blogging here about some common questions and gotchas that come to him from the field and interesting enhancements or features that are added.

He was a Company Secretary by profession and a post graduate in commerce. His home town is Bareilly, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Like Anthony from the AppsLab team he enjoys Table Tennis.

Bidisha Silveira is too shy to let me put a picture of her, she is one half of a husband and wife team working in Apps development in our UK development centre (if it was in the US it would be a center). She has worked on my team for a number of years and knows the real nitty gritty technical details of AGIS. She’s writing the follow up piece to my overview of how we used BI Publisher to create interactive online reports, which I promised to Tim back in December

Defining Intracompany Balancing Rules

Written by Rohit Kathuria and David Haimes

In order to take advantage of the automatic Intercompany balancing during GL posting and SLA Accounting you first need to define the accounts you want us to use.

Intercompany and Intracompany Accounts in R12 are defined in two different Set Up Pages, the Intracompany Balancing Rules are what we had in 11i for Intercompany Accounts (confusing I know) – this is where you will find the rules you had in 11i of you are upgrading from 11i. If you don’t want to take advantage of the Legal Entity Configurator product and define Legal Entities and map them to your accounting structure, you can still go ahead and use the intracompany rules. If you start to map your Legal Entities to Ledgers and/or Balancing Segment Values (BSV) then you will want to be sure you complete the job, so there is no ambiguity in your setup. Consider the example below Continue reading “Defining Intracompany Balancing Rules”

Virgin Beta Experience

beta0.jpgThe other weekend I flew back from Las Vegas to San Francisco on Virgin America, there has been no end of hype about their new planes and the software so I was interested to what it was all about. It all runs on a linux box hidden in the belly of the plane, I know this to be true because I got to watch it boot on my screen while we were backing away from the gate- that didn’t feel right somehow. They call it “Red(beta):An interactive environment” and invite you to touch anywhere to begin; an offer I couldn’t refuse. Continue reading “Virgin Beta Experience”

New Grant based Security in AGIS


Managing a large number of responsibilities can become a complex, time consuming and expensive activity. It is also very frustrating for users if they have to constantly switch responsibility if they have a number of roles, this is a big issue in 11i Global Intercompany System as you could only have one Balancing Segment Value (BSV) per GIS responsibility and there can be a large number of BSV often with one person responsible for entering and approving intercompany transactions for many bsv. For example there may be a controller responsible for approving all transactions for the dozens of EMEA subsidiaries.

When we created the new Advanced Global Intercompany Product in R12 we set out to address this issue and came up with a whole new transaction security model. Continue reading “New Grant based Security in AGIS”

Ora-Click is like Digg but better

I’m not a fan of digg, just doesn’t do anything for me, but Matt Topper has created something which I like the look of. Ora-Click is like a digg but specific to Oracle articles and has nice Oracle related categories that should help me get to aritcles in my interest areas fast. Check it out and see what you think. I like the bury option, I can vote for a feature or vote to bury it, so if you don’t like my ora-tag 8 things post, you have a chance to make your opinion count – it also felt good to bury a recruitment link on there.

I would add the buttons to my blog articles so you could vote for them right off my blog, but javascript is ot permitted on wordpress.com blogs :( One day I might get my own domain and spruce up the blog, but I’m struggling to find enough time to write content at the moment, I need to get my financials related articles written as my first priority – content is king.

While I am plugging useful resources Oracle Mix has a lot of new updates since I mentioned it last, with more to come soon. Check out the Intercompay group there and feel free to connect with me.

Do I need a new TV?

I was in Las Vegas (by coincidence) at the same time as The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), this is a huge conference with over 150,000 attending (compare with around 40,000 that overwhelm San Francisco for Oracle Open World) so I did meet a few people attending it. In my far from scientific survey, based on who I chatted to in a bar or overheard in taxi lines, flat panel displays were all the rage. The 2009 analog TV switch off in the US is to the TV manufacturers what the millennium bug was to COBOL programmers – a big chance to cash in. This is despite the fact that the 80% of US viewers who have cable or satellite will be unaffected.

I can imagine the conversation now – Continue reading “Do I need a new TV?”

Thanks to Marian from The Feature

I spent almost two hours yesterday chatting with Marian Crkon from The Feature, which has the excellent tag line ‘Using Oracle Applications without losing your mind…’. This was my first interview for another Blog and I enjoyed it. Those who know me, are well aware of my ability to talk a lot and offer my thoughts an opinions without too much encouragement, but Marian has some good insight on Oracle Apps and blogging.

As I am a relative newcomer to the blogosphere, unless you count my experimental foray in 2004, I have been surprised by the number of blogs about Oracle Apps and how strong the community is. We’re getting much better at blogging at Oracle, there are a number of Apps bloggers but we can do better and we should take a look at the work of places like The Feature and the other blogs listed to the left on my blogrollfor inspiration. Marian and I were both first round picks in OraBlog Tag that Jake started so you should certainly check that out too as a way to find some new and interesting blogs or new and interesting things about bloggers you think you know already.

If you are coming from The Feature to take a peak at what I do here, look around or do some tag surfing and see what sort of information I’m putting up. I hope you will check back again and find this an interesting and enjoyable place, add comments and tell me what you want to see more of in the coming weeks and months.