One Laptop per Child – Better than an iPhone?

The One Laptop per Child program has had somewhat of a rocky ride, it was envisaged that they would cost $100 and be made available to all school age children in developing countries. However they’re costing $200 and the orders have not been flooding in from the governments of developing countries. They’re now not known as the $100 laptop and are called the XO.

However these things do appear to be amazing devices, a review in laptop magazine mused that they are more revolutionary than the iPhone. Now I have a bunch of macs around the house and am a big fan of apple products, but I think the XO which can be dropped, withstand 120F temperatures and hase a great mesh network and some nice looking collaboration software designed to connect kids in devloping countries has to be better than a phone, even one made by apple.

Although the XO is intended for developing countries, many people in the US were interested so they came up with another innovative idea, if you want to buy one you need to give one. Reading my good friend Alvin’s blog I saw his had arrived and I look forward to seeing how his kids get along with it. Alvin has done a good job of introducing his kids to all kinds of tech gear; computers, photography and he even tought his daughter how to DJ so they should pick the XO up pretty quick.

So I just decided to Give One Get One, the program has been extended until the end of the year so you still have a few days left if you’re interested.


I see a great comparison of the OLPC, Kimble and iPhone by Mike Hendrickson on O’Reilly

Author: David Haimes

I'm Senior Director in the Oracle Research and Development Organization, with close to 20 years working in various roles on the development of the Financial Management product suite.  Since the summer of 2016 my focus is exclusively on working with customers and longer-term design work, particularly around next-generation functional and technical architecture. My task is to figure out NOW what the financial management system of the next 3, 5 or more years should look like and start working toward it.  At the moment the majority of my time is spent working on Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), leading the effort for all of SaaS applications.  I'm also interested in AI, Machine Learning and new UX and interaction paradigms such as chat bots. I started out in Oracle UK and found my way out to Oracle's Redwood Shores, California HQ in May 2000.  My previous role was product owner for Fusion Accounting Hub, General Ledger, Intercompany and Legal Entity products in Oracle Fusion Financials and eBusiness Suite General Ledger. I have also worked on EMEA Globalizations, Federal and Public Sector Financials, XML Payments and a variety of projects on other products down the years.

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